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Hope for children International(HOCI), is a Youth centered community based Development Organization. It was officially recognized as a registered NGO in Cameroon on December 20, 2014 with registration number 09.G.3/14/1/vol.8/119/OAPP. HOCI uses the power of sports to educate, inspire and mobilize youths and communities to stop the spread of HIV, alcohol, drug use, unemployment and awaken talents, so as to ensure a smooth transition into responsible adulthood.

Sports activities are organized in which players are asked to connect their personal skills and self-discipline for a larger purpose; not only to their teams, but also to their families, to their communities, to their country, to the world and even to God.


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Our Mission

To accelerate youth empowerment for a successful development and transition into responsible adults and community builders.

Message From President/CEO

The year 2020 was a very difficult one for us. The corona virus pandemic halted all the activities that were planned for the year, and forced us to change focus and pay attention on stopping the spread of the virus among children and youths. The project “Raising Awareness On The Dangers And Preventive Measures Of Covid 19 Among Sixty Children Between The Ages Of 5-15” was developed. Continue reading…

Raising Awareness On The Dangers And Preventive Measures Of Covid 19 Among Sixty Children Between The Ages Of 5-15 In The Mendong Neighborhood of Yaounde


Brief exercise before start of seminar activities


Education on the importance of effective hand washing within short intervals


Contribution from a participant on effective hand washing techniques


Active participation of participants and sharing of ideas and knowledge on the pandemic


A talk and exchange on the dangers and preventive measures of Covid 19 between Program Officer and project participants.

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New Set of Pals Ready to Work

New set of pals ready to work for other youth groups and students on life skills and behaviour change.