One of the major activities of HOCI is to build the capacities of the youths and ensure that they grow up as responsible citizens and leaders of their various communities. HOCI through their Peer Advocates for Life Skills Volunteers (PALSV) organized a one day workshop last August 5, 2017. This day that was meant to teach the youths see their dreams, follow their dreams and realize their dreams. We had people who had attained their dreams who came to tell their stories to these young people. we also had specialists who came to teach these youths small income generating activities that they can use to raise some income for themselves and their families, and also start small projects for themselves. We had activities such as using plastic bottles to make decorative articles, how to use fruits to make different fruit trees and salads, using bids to make various articles, etc. Of course they also had a small talk on how to save the money they will raise and that they have. this saving mode is called PALSV Banking. This activity brought together more than 50 young people with the majority being girls. This activity will soon become a regular feature in the PALSV schedule.
“Be Part of the Solution and not the Problem” .

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Hope for children international (HOCI), is a Youth Centered Community based Development Organization.

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